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Why should I use ScanScreener from RTI?

Security is of paramount importance to the success and well being of any business or institution in this day and time. Background checks are now a critical component of due diligence in the workplace, and ScanScreener provides a fast, reliable and economical means of data retrieval from sources such as state departments of correction, administrative offices of the courts, sheriff's departments, state and county jurisdictions nationally as well as Interpol, OFAC and the National Sex Offender Registry.

  • SCANSCREENER IS EFFICIENT AND EASY TO USE - ScanScreener is a remarkably stable and reliable Internet service - it automatically searches for data from a number of sources that traditionally had to be searched individually at a much higher cost - reports are combined to provide the most complete history possible in a simple easy to understand format

  • SCANSCREENER IS FAST - ScanScreener is Internet based and can report in seconds information that typically takes days to obtain - ScanScreener users can immediately get information from multiple data sources that is captured and returned immediately

  • SCANSCREENER IS INEXPENSIVE - No set-up or activation fees are required and there are no recurring additional usage fees for ScanScreener - you are charged only for the services you use - We understand the need for quality information for our clients, but we also recognize the need for cost effectiveness - our commitment is to provide the best screening product at the most competitive price in the industry

    How does ScanScreener work?

    RTI simply assigns your company a user ID and password to access our secured website. If required, additional passwords and can be granted for multiple users or multiple locations. Scan Screener is for the identification and prevention of fraud, and can instantly tell if a social security number is valid. It will also list other individuals who have used the number for transactions of record. An address history is also presented, typically going back several years. Each element of the Social Security Number trace is critical in determining identity and detecting the fraudulent use of Social Security Numbers by unauthorized persons. By clicking a prompt, the user can then conduct a real time criminal background check.

    RTI's ScanScreener application will save time and money while bringing together a wealth of information. Should you require, RTI will also check directly with county courthouses for a nominal fee. RTI can also provide fingerprint processing for government on-site contracts.

    What information can I obtain through ScanScreener?


    Social Security Number trace:

  • Verifies SSN is valid
  • Verifies State of Issue
  • Checks against records of deceased taxpayers
  • Searches the number records to obtain transactional information and residential histories - (Our SSN records include personal information such as name, DOB, age and SSN and past addresses along with report dates for the addresses)
  • Provides an effective tool to determine fraudulent use of the SSN - (Since our SSN trace checks the number rather than the name on the record, it can display any other names of record that may have used the number)

    Regional Criminal Background Search - (Includes SSN trace)

  • Our Regional Criminal records not only include criminal records, but we also add national sex offender search, OFAC search and Interpol search with our regional searches
  • Regional Criminal searches include surrounding states in the geographical region - this is particularly useful in large metropolitan areas in multiple-state locations (New York, Washington DC, etc.)

    Full-Database Criminal Background Search - (Includes SSN trace)

  • Reviews all available databases to obtain background information (Includes search of reporting jurisdictions from 45 states plus the District of Columbia)
  • Also includes national sex offender search, OFAC search and Interpol search

    County Level Search - (Includes SSN trace)

  • A county level search that is performed by a court house researcher
  • We add a statewide database search, national sex offender registry search, OFAC search and Interpol search with our county criminal searches
  • County level searches reveal arrest detail regardless of conviction

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